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    Someone made a TouchPad optimized fart app.

    If you need me, I'll be over there, faceplaming.
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    yep webOS is finally in the big world now

    fart as much as you want people
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    Hopefully we'll get some new soundboards
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    Apparently "Fart App" is shorthand for "Useless app that just bolsters the number of apps available" (I realize the one in the OP is a real fart soundboard). Before coming around here, I always called these things "Tip Calculators". As in, applications which sound like they'd be useful and look good in a list but, realistically, you probably don't need and certainly don't need more than one. So having a hundred different ones in an app list isn't really an indication of quality.

    Fart apps are easy to weed out, it's the tip calculators you need to watch out for
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    Downloaded, played , and enjoyed :P . Fart apps are an integral part of a smart device experience. How else can we amuse ourselves when we are sitting around without internet access and bored out of out minds? Great fun to use on the train and in large group meetings.
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    How else can one experience the true fidelity of Beats Audio™?
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