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    life balance
    franklin covey... Bring them all back... Plz

    since my computer died sharing with my techie hubby has been difficult... I jumped at the $300 touchpad from staples. Now that I'm not tied to a desk I would love to organize my family... Not cozy!

    And a meal planner app would make my life complete!
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    Agendus was (is, actually) an awsome PIM app. It works well on my Pre (1.4.5) with Classic ~ the only trick is trying to navigate a program written for a stylus device on the small touch screen of the Pre, but it's workable.

    Yeah, it was a shame Iambic didn't roll out a webOS version (which isn't going to happen for now, hopefully that will change). There are some similar PIM''s for Android but nothing I like as well as Agendus.

    What is totally sad (and indecipherable to me ) is that they won't allow Classic to be available any longer. Having those very mature and full featured Palm OS programs running full screen (or scalable) on a Touchpad would have been awsome. I would have no remorse today in buying a Touchpad at full price IF Classic had been available (in full or scalable screen size ~ not in some silly 3.1" emulator).
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    I'm with you: I'd love to see Agendus ported over to the TouchPad, I've truly missed it since moving onto webOS. At the time I also contacted Iambic, and they said they had no plans to develop for webOS, I wish that would change, but I'm not holding my breath.
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    I didn't get the chance to buy Classic so I am totally left out :'(

    from what I read it had to do with the part of the OS called Garnet... something about it clashing or something with webOS. They were probably being threatend with patent trolls and were like 'forget that!'...

    In the meantime I am looking for some tutorials on outline tracker. Is there ANY Pre or TP PIM app that is more of an agenda?

    I would like to see both my schedule and tasks. Being able to add contact #'s into appts and tasks would be sublime...

    PLMK - Thank you!

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