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    Anybody have luck getting to the new pandora one website? Seems like a perfect fit for the touchpad but I keep getting redirected back to the old pandora site. They're probably just catching it as a nonsupported browser but any tips or insights are appreciated.

    Pandora Radio - Say Hello to the New Pandora
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    I didn't have a chance to check your link, but the last I heard the new website was in beta for select customers. That may be old news or incorrect news but it is my first thought.
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    I just get a page advertising the new Pandora, which says coming soon.
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    I got it to work, though I had the banner offering the new site.

    1. Log into Pandora's old site on the Touchpad, then close the browser card (or tab, as I was using Advanced Browser.)
    2. Log into Pandora on my PC
    3. Click the banner for the new site.
    4. Note the URL for the new site on the PC, and type it into a new tab/card on the Touchpad.

    Was working well until I muted it, and can't seem to unmute it...

    Oh, I see, when it's muted, it get's a little "Muted" box over the album art for whatever's playing, and tapping on that unmutes it.
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    Thank you! Thought I'd tried that. Took a bit of messing with but I think I finally have an acceptable bookmark now. Hopefully after they release the site to everyone it won's be such a dance. Also your image reminded me that I needed to buy advanced browser so that's all set now.

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    it looks like it is

    Pandora Radio - Listen to Free Internet Radio, Find New Music

    with an extreemly long set of numbers that may be your account.

    Once you go to the new site [on PC at least] that is where it sends you as a Pandora One subscriber.

    Loved Pandora for many years. Fills all my music needs with about 20 stations. Worth subscribing far more than XM at many times the cost.
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    Instructions didn't work for me. But I found out that I'm able to access the new Pandora on my Touchpad (stock browser) without using a PC to get the URL. Just clicked the link on the old site.
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    I haven't tried this new site but I'm pretty sure it will stop playing once you turn off the display. I like the Pandora app (even though it's made for the phone) because it keeps playing even after my TP falls aleep and my screen is off.

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