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    Developers, would it possible to port this app/function over to webOS:

    Orbeon Forms XForms Tutorial - forms

    I'm a government worker and I need an XFDL editor/viewer for my TouchPad. This is a java program that is supposed to run in any modern browser but it looks like it needs Tomcat installed to run. There is a Tomcat Linux binary, but it is probably compiled for x86. The source code is available, but I am not familiar with compiling programs for webOS. Are there tools and a tutorial available to compile something like this to run on the TouchPad? Will anyone take the time out of their busy schedule to do this for me or show me how to do it?
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    are you looking to actually build the forms or just view/edit information on them? Orbeon looks a little excessive for just a form viewer.

    xfdls are basically xml files that are gzip'd and base64 encoded. Someone with the right skills shouldn't have too much trouble writing up a viewer. If I can ever wrap my brain around this SDK, something like is my first project. But I doubt that'll happen anytime soon
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    pseich0, thanks for your reply. I do not need to build forms. I just need to view them, edit them, and be able to digitally sign them. Any help you can give is greatly appreciate.
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    .ok, just thought about it and signing might be a little too much given the lack of usb host (right now) on the TouchPad.

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