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    Is there a way to simply archive emails rather than delete them with the swipe action? I looked in the preferences for GMail, but could not find what I was looking for.
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    You can change the the destination folders in your preferences for each account for the trash can icon from trash to the All Mail folder and all your "trash" goes into your archive. Works great.
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    Hmmm....that doesn't really solve my issues. I like being able to just press the archive button for those emails that I want to save (in all mail) and be able to also easily delete emails that I do not want. Am I missing something?
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    Does the Trash folder ever get automatically cleaned out? It appears to me that it does. If not where do the emails go, because I cannot find the ones I have deleted. Or, is that the problem - that I deleted them (which is what I want in most cases), but if I move them to the Trash folder they don't get deleted?

    I wanted to save a couple of emails and put them in my Personal Folder, but after a few days when I went back to look at them, they would "vanish" when I opened them - I mean they literally vanished right before my eyes from the folder like some bad magic trick I didn't want to see.

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