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    Hi everyone,

    I'm a new Touchpad and WebOs user and I really dig it. I haven't downloaded more than a few apps but I'm generally impressed with the web surfing and ease of use of WebOs.

    I actually haven't read comics in many years but was curious about DC's recent reboot and just wanted to see how they looked on this thing. I've downloaded the Comicshelf app and went to DC's site to purchase JL #1.

    For the life of me I can't figure out how to download a comic book. Whenever I try to buy one it seems as if I'm purchasing a hard copy to be shipped.

    I would simply like to download it to the Touchpad or, if necessary, to my PC to sideload it. Does anyone have a quick answer / link to do this?
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    DC Comics distributes their digital comics through comiXology. At this time, they have apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android. While it's perhaps not optimal, you can read their comics through the browser on the Touchpad.

    ComicShelf HD is a great app, but it is for reading comics in .cbr and .cbz formats. If you're going to purchase the comics whether in print or digitally you could find a cbr/cbz copy somewhere for ComicShelf purposes.
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