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    Hi I had the screen captures working before on my touchpad where I would hold the power and home button and they would show up immediately under my photos folder. Now when I do the button combo I still get the animation a screen capture was taken but nothing shows up under my screen shot folder under photos. If i browse the file system I can see it is taking screen captures but it never shows up in the app. Also I had issues with my music app not properly showing all of my music and still do. Is there any way to force the touchpad to rebuild its file structure and recognize the photos and I guess music on it?

    Also I rebooted, and did shutdown and no changes...

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    any ideas here? also now if I drag and drop photos to my touchpad they don't show up in the native photos app either...
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    You've got the very frustrating stuck Media Indexer. You can try the fix documented here.
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    I ended up doctoring it but after reading through the posts it seems you can 1) use internlz and rename the media folders and hide them from web os then restart and rename them back to their usual name and unhide them or 2) delete /var/luna/data/filenotify.db3 ?

    Hopefully it won't happen again but it's good to know there are fixes for this hiccup

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