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    Yes, I'm happy that document editing is heres, very very very happy it got here before September got started. However I am disappointed with the products so far. I'm using the physical Bluetooth keyboard so I don't know if that changes anything but I'm not using the virtual keyboard for creating documents.

    My first problem is that auto correct seems conspicuously absent from it. It seems strange that its in every other aspect of the OS but lacking in one of the places it would be most useful. I hope this is fixed ASAP. Need my shortcuts.

    Second problem. I can't hold down the delete key, I must continuously tap it to delete anything greater than 1 character. I'm resorting to highlighting and then deleting but that really doesn't seem optimal.

    Third. This ones actually OS wide, but double tapping the shift key still puts me in caps lock, since there's a caps lock key on my keyboard I do not want it doing this.

    Fix these issues, or at least the 1st one and I will be happy. Well so far these are the only problems I've found, haven't used quick office too much, maybe picel's will not have these issues. Quick office is basic but it meets my needs for my on tablet document creation, finalization editing will still be happening on my pc.
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    does anyone know of any patches that solve this? I bought the touchpad to have a mobile document editing device, and spell check would be very useful in openoffice..especially since it is difficult to navigate to spelling errors without a magnifying glass (like in iOS)

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