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    I'm wondering what happened to my post here. Can't imagine anyone having any issues with the conent of my post.
    Pre3 (AT&T meta-doctored to ROW) webOS 2.2.4 build 3175
    TouchPad WiFi (32GB) - webOS 3.0.5 build 86
    App Catalog (US) - Vodafone (India)

    Treo 180 > 270 > 600 > 650 > 680 > Pre+ > Pre2 > Pre+ > Pre3 & tPad
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    Quote Originally Posted by cobrakon View Post
    ...not bad for a "dead" device and platform eh? The TPad launched with 305 apps and now has 402 as of Friday. AND big name apps to boot. (GLU Mobile, Britannica, Fidelity Mutual, etc.

    Device sales > drive app sales > drive devs

    Remember the platform waited 18 months for the next device and devs built apps and the catalog grew. That there is no device ready for sales tomorrow is nothing new and we are in a better position since almost a million TPad units were sold.

    There were 2 at the office, now there are 9, and after people tried it, many more are now on the hunt. Good things can only come from devices in user hands no matter *how* they got there.
    Not to be especially contrary, but during those 18 months of "no new Palms", there were still old models available.

    The next 100K touchpads are the end of our line for now.

    That's not going to stop me from working, though.
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    UPDATE: App count has grown to 465 and still going. This is the "live-est" dead platform ever.


    Rovio - Angry Birds Seasons HD
    Handmark - Oxford American Dictionary

    Numerous "Pre" sized apps have been updated to TPad res.

    So there...! LOL
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