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    Anyone else having issues with the ncaaf scoreboard section not listing any scores or games? Anyone know of an alternative scoreboard app or site with automatic updates? I'm currently using
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    One more (small) issue with the CBS app...they are not able to calculate LOB in the baseball scoreboard. Unless my team somehow managed to leave 17 runners on base in 5 innings Notice the inaccuracy in this stat in every game.
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    yep. Noticed nothing on Thursday, now today. Total fail on gameday
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    Yeah, I downloaded this app specifically to check scores on games today, and just nothing. Maybe I'll try contacting the developer.
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    Same for me, no NCAAF scores.
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    another no NCAAF score viewer
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    No scores for me either.
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    Why not just use and select NCAA Football / Scores?

    That's what I use, when checking scores. CBSSports is a "lighter" site than ESPN (at least on my end) and is a better experience, in my opinion.

    Updates are instant, or close to it, with "auto update" on.
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    All the way into Tuesday and still no scores
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    CBS sports app update now available. Not sure what the update consist of though. I did notice in the NCAA football scoreboard section it has wk 1 results and wk 2 games with no results???
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    CBS Sports app has an update available today...NFL Standings and Power Rankings now work

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