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    Ok. If you have a Mac Desktop install PLEX. Configure your Macos apache webserver (included by default, that's what used for web share) edit /private/config/apache2 and uncomment out loaded int php5 module. Use system preferences/sharing/enable web sharing. If it was enabled stop and start it.
    Here's the directions:
    Enabling PHP in Mac OS X 10.5

    Next go here:

    Follow the directions, point your touchpad web browser to it and enjoy!

    I'm working in a pdk application as soon as I get more docs on the API. For now using the native web browser and this php application to parse the plex xml is VERY usable.
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    Regardless of where I put the "plex_over" folder, the webserver just gives me "directory access is forbidden". Presumably I need to configure a directory or disable a restriction in the httpd.conf file somewhere (Snow Leopard). Google has failed me unfortunately.

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