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    Hi has anyone else found that the stock music player wont show all the songs transferred to it through HP PLAY? I synced one my playlists over which has 2,013 songs that all show up, but when I go to Library and Songs I only see 837. Also not all of my songs from my playlist transferred over to the touchpad according to the Music player, although if I go in the File Browser they are all there. What's going on here? Is there a known limitation in the number of songs that will show up for the player?
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    It's something to do with the media indexer, I've had well over 2,000 songs show up on mine. I don't use Play though, I prefer the old drag and drop routine. (USB mode)
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    My tablet is used mostly where there is Wifi so I use Google Music.
    Google Music is accessible and useable via your browser.
    A lot of people here forget that the browser is a valuable tool, and the included browser works well with flash. I just need to link the virtual keyboard with a hotkey so I can play flash games without a bluetooth keyboard. I don't know about you but I really don't want to copy my 36gb of music on to my 32gb touchpad. I'd much rather stream it.
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    my 160GB of music? Ya it's a problem

    I haven't checked Google Music out yet.....thanks for the reminder!

    Available I the USA only....for now.
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    I'll give it a try with the drag and drop. When you transfer it over do you have to put it in a special folder? Also will the stock music player show any music on its internal storage?
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    Yes, another option as well, if you have UPnP AV Player, it has a built in WiFi file transfer of supported file types. and it works well. It puts the files that you transfer over into the Downloads folder. I actually prefer that method, but depends on what file types you are trying to transfer.

    When you put your TouchPad into USB mode, it opens into media/internal. I created a music folder in that directory to drag and drop into.

    There have also been reports of music not showing up after safely ejecting your TouchPad, something I also encountered. This was fixed by re-entering USB mode, and doing a hard pull of the cord. You will get a message that says "Ouch! That hurts! Next time do a safe eject(or words to that effect)", but it did solve my missing media file problem.

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