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    This week's update of Calibre has this in the changelog:
    New Features

    Basic support for Amazon AZW4 format (PDF wrapped inside a MOBI)
    When showing the cover browser in a separate window, allow the use of the V, D shortcut keys to view the current book and send it to device respectively.
    Closes tickets: 836402

    Add an option in Preferences->Miscellaneous to abort conversion jobs that take too long.
    Closes tickets: 835233

    Driver for HTC Evo and HP TouchPad (with kindle app)
    I'm away from my touchpad for this week, someone want to test this out?
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    this is promising! I've been using calibre to sync with pReader...

    I'm busy today but I should be able to test this by the end of the weekend
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    Looks like NO on sideloading
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