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    Being more than averagely dumb - I'm finding it impossible to work out how to use the Kindle app for simple things like closing a book and going back to the start ie page one etc etc.

    Anyone else having difficulty - and anyone able to point me to instructions or provide some simple tips on how to navigate appreciated.

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    Tap the middle of the page and the controls all appear, then tap and they disappear.
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    Hello there. I had the same problem when I first tried to use it. Look, if you touch the page you're reading on right side it will flip forward and on the left side it will flip backward. Now if you touch it in the middle, you'll bring up the menu controls. It will have a bar at the bottom to quickly go through all the pages. Also, there will be the settings for the brightness and font size on the upper right side together with bookmark button. On the upper left side, you'll find a sole icon in the form of books. This is the one you're looking for to take you back to the start library page.
    I hope that helps...
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    i agree, this app is NOT intuitive
    i had to track down the instructions on amazon's website: Help: Using Kindle for webOS

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