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    I bought Puzzle Sphere and it won't install. I emailed the developer twice and reported a problem twice via the app catalog. No response. I can't leave feedback because the app catalog won't let you until the game installs. Waste of money, thankfully it was only $0.99.
    Installation issues are most likely not app related and thus cannot be solved by the developer. I would contact HP and ask for a refund.
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    If it helps anyone, I was having trouble installing an app (kept saying install fail). The developer repackaged the app and resubmitted it to the app catalog and I was able to install the app no problem. I don't know if he changed anything, but I could ask to see what he changed. That way, if anyone else is having the same problem they could suggest their developer try the same thing.

    Update: I asked the developer what he did and am awaiting a response.

    Update 2: He said that he initially thought it was because he had repackaged the app, but it actually was because HP made some updates to their developer (something - I can't remember the word).
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