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    I entered the promo code and it's just sitting there at "purchasing".

    Edit - third time - it now says "downloading - and "failed". Retry - move the tp nearer the wifi - and it's worked.

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    i hope these stay up until tuesday for Canada, because that is when i'm expecting my touchpad to arrive. Very glad they decided to put these out for other regions, very cool.
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    I managed to get all 3 of them up here in sunny Canada! Would have been nice to get 6 of them. However, I'll take 3 free over 0 free any day of the week though.
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    thanks very much, although I do feel a little cheap using the code for the camera app :-)
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    Just used impostah to use the Canadian code. Took less than a minute to switch back and forth. I wish I had known about this earlier when the American codes were originally posted.
    Will be on the lookout for the next round of codes!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Account View Post
    Thanks, got all 3 with the UK codes.

    Just so if you don't know how to use these codes:

    1) You need to register a card on your HP touchpad first
    2) Then go on one of these links on your touchpad

    Big Boss
    Canada code:
    UK code:
    Ireland code:

    Camera for TouchPad
    Canada code:
    UK code:
    Ireland code:

    Canada code:
    UK code:
    Ireland code:

    3) You'll be directed to the webos store, to the app's page. Click on the green price button (to buy) and select to buy using the promo code.

    Or alternatively, go straight to the app, click on buy, select promo code and type in the code.
    Thanks for the direct links made it simple to puchase.

    BTW the pop up box you get when the HP App program start says these codes are valid till 17th September 2011.
    HP Touchpad 64GB White
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    Awww... I'm actually a little disappointed that we don't get the bird calls and info app.
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