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    Attempted to buy Data Manager today which kept failing on download. I kept getting an error message to try again later. So, later comes along, and now App is no longer in catalog, however, I still got billed for it.

    Got in contact with Live Chat to see what's going on, and they had me delete the program and retry to download it, and what they seemed to fail to realize was that the app wasn't there anymore. Funny because they thought that rebooting my device would make it magically reappear in the app store.

    So...who do we need to actually contact about getting a refund or finding out some information? I've emailed the developer, i think, by using the Report a Problem link on the developers demo version of the software. It looks like a german site, so I'm not expecting an email reply right away. The Live Chat reps seem kinda clueless. I think they work off a script, and weren't much help?
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    It's likely the app will be back shortly. I've seen other entries that were working incorrectly and later "fixed". eMail the developer seems like the right course of action to get more info. :-)

    You might see if there is an actual website for the product and look there, as well.
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    Found a twitter feed as well that made no mention of any problems yet. Still awaiting a response. They also have a section here in the webOS developers which I've entered a new reply in an existing thread.

    Still curious as to how billing, and app review/postings get processed though in case I ever wanted a refund...
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    How did this ever work out for you? I am curious as I am in the same situation now. My problem was upgraded to a "specialist" but I was no more confident in him than I was with the chat folks. After he suggested I reset my device (only half of it and left out that none of my app data would be saved), I am seeing the developer about a refund. What a headache this is!
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    I got a response from the developer. HP Store screwed up his upload, so he was in the process of having HP fix it. Later on in the day, I was able to download and install the software without any issues. Also, I didn't get double-billed. When it reappeared in the app store, it showed up as free. I guess the system immediately keeps a record of apps you own/buy in a central database somewhere.
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    Thanks for the response. When I chatted and talked with them they didn't even bring up the possibility that it could have been a problem when they uploaded it. Oh well, I did email the developer again so hopefully I'll hear back from him.

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