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    I've realized that all apple products even including the ipod touch comes with an app called textplus that allows you to text for free without even having a phone service. It automatically gives you an number according to where you live and than it allows you to text anyone with a cell phone regardless of their service provider. I'm wondering if something similar is available for the touchpad where I can text for free?

    Thank you
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    I would like something like this also. Skype charges too much for text messages.
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    You can still use the old email trick to send text messages. Works great between my Touchpad and my phone. Open up the email client and enter the phone number as the email address in the appropriate format from this page:

    Email Text Messages for AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, Virgin, & more | Hack N Mod

    The email message will appear on the other person's phone just like a text message. When they reply to you it will appear instantly in your email. Its free to do this. All text messages are just simple emails that cell phone companies want to charge you for anyway.
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