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    hi guys im really new in the webOS community and i wanted to ask you if there is such an app for streaming.
    im using buzz player/oplayer on my ipad 2 to stream movies/series...
    and im looking for almost 2 days to find something for the hp touchpad
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    There are at least two apps in the store that will do what you want using UPnP.
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    yeah' UPnP or
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    have had good luck with tversity. Just set up the media server on your desktop and login via web from the TP. So far have had successful streaming of 720p - have not tried full HD yet.
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    well the problem is my files arent on the same wifi network. i just need a player which allows to stream from the url like vlc on mac/pc...
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    I think Kalemsoft will stream over the internet
    KalemSoft - Media Player for WebOS
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    nope didnt see the option to stream over the internet from my server. it has only the option to stream from my pc
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    Kalemsoft will definitely allow you to stream over the internet.
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    I have Kalemsoft's app installed and running as a service on my headless Windows Home Server, it works great. There is a long and very useful thread in this App section that has the info needed to make it work
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    Try Orb.

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