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    Hey guys I figured out a work around for this if you want for those of us who use gmail or whatever as a email provider.

    1. First go to and sign up for a new email address, in the box next to the username you will see a drop down box that allows you to change the portion or your new email address. I chose and it works, so I suggest that you choose the same.
    2. Now with your new email in hand log into your account (not from the app, not sure if it will work) Go to My Account, then Account Settings.
    3. Under login information change your email address to, enter your password, and hit save.
    4. Go back to your inbox and verify the change of email address.
    5. Now log out of your account and go
    6. You will now see that you can send invites to other people with an account, so go make a few more accounts and enter them into the invite boxes (I got kicked from making them after only a few on my computer so I switched to my cell phone and made a few more)
    7. After you send out the invites log into all your new accounts and follow the instructions for signing up for a new free 50GB account.
    8. Change you email address back on your original account and any of the new accounts that you made for friends/family/yourself/whoever.
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    That seems nice ... i don't have a touchpad but ... could someone send me an invite to get the 50GB account? :-D
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    PS. A friend bought a touchpad but the doesn't work. Any other kind of email that will work?

    EDIT: if you also have my proble try using the suffix. It works for me.
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