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    So with all of us new touchpad users I'm thinking must have apps and similar lists would be a handy thing. One thing that drives me crazy is looking at a long list of apps in a catalog and webOS probably has the least longest out of the platforms out there. But one thing we do have from my experience on my original pre when it still worked is quality over quantity with exception of a few devs like Brighthouse Labs.

    Anyways my app discovery is mainly fueled by the great stuff others have found and what they say about those apps. And a little bit by looking at the top 20 most popular or high rated apps in each category. Of the apps I had on my pre only a small handful are have touchpad versions (not sure what to call it), the rest run inside the image of a pre.

    So here's to getting a resource started if one doesn't already exist. Feel free to post links to these kinds of resources or post your own top 10 lists or what.
    As requested: for my works on webOS patches and apps. Twitter: @larryboytw Patches: Small icons browser start page, 5x5 launcher. I have an AAS CIS Programming degree. I enjoy working on open source projects and alpha and beta testing. for easy to get up and running for patches and apps.
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    PC Magazine's 20 Best Apps List - In slideshow format, unfortunately
    Favorite Five Touchpad Games - From this forum

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