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    I send in my touchpad to HP because of a battery issue. Now for some reason the one they sent back doesn't have the kindle app and I can't find it in the catalog. I've made sure that the system shows me as up-to-date for software updates.

    I did specify that I'm in Canada, but I'm pretty sure I specified that for the first touchpad as well.

    Anyone know what's going on?
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    There is no skype "app" it's built into the phone app. Also, they have released a couple of Kindle updates - have you checked the app store for the kindle app?

    I am in the US, and have not tried any other country. However, you should be able to a complete reset if needed and start over, and of course you could web Dr. it...
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    Yeah, I remembered the skype thing but it was too late to change the thread title.

    I've seen a couple of posts on Amazon indicating that it's been recently removed from the App Catalog in Canada.

    I'm debating the merits of just configuring it to be in the US if they're going to pull crap like this.

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