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    Does any of the players available for the TP play subtitles? In any format (srt,sub,txt)...?
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    they have to be already embedded in the video file when it is rendered to a compatible file.

    it's usually an option in the ripping or encoding software you use.
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    Thank you for the info.. I know it can be done this way.. I was just curious if I can play it the same way as on my PC. without re encoding...
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    I believe I read that this was the next feature Kalemsoft intended to work on, once they've ironed out HD playback - but don't quote me on that, can't find the source anymore.
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    I would also like to know this, as I generally watch movies/TV shows on the train, and it can be a bit too noisy to hear, even with headphones. So being able to use subtitles without re-coding would be great.
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    +1 waiting for external subtitles support.
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    Any progress here?
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    KalemSoft Media Player now supports subtitles in its current version available directly from their site. Check out their thread to get the specific info about what subtitle formats are supported.
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    Quote Originally Posted by slowpoke View Post
    Any progress here?
    touchplayer as of ver 1.0.4, supports subtitles. I've been using it with no problems.
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    Kalemsoft V0.50 BETA works with external .srt and embedded ogm/mkv's.

    Get it here and check out this thread for the file and discussion:

    You'll need preware installed on your TouchPad via WebOS Quickinstall to install it.

    Please note it is a BETA at the moment, so it does have some weird quirks but it's definately the best available so far and a good program!

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