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    Trying to get this working

    Open Source VNC Client in Flash

    having issues with flash policy configuration even after installing the swf and html file directly to the tablet (was worth a shot lol).

    every time i go to adobe to try to change the settings I'm sent to

    Only extremely basic settings are listed however (local storage and peer assisted networking (p2p type)). Hoping someone knows how to change settings manually so we can have a basic vnc viewer that can be used without a BT keyboard.

    If this is a dead end; so be it but with it only being a flash player settings issue to change (no alteration of the source code of the program) its a reasonable question to ask.
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    Did you run the policyserver.jar application to set the flash security settings for flash? It looks like it won't work if you don't have the security service runing. BTW, I've tried guacamole (an html5 based vnc viewer) but the TouchPad browser fails. I've contacted hp about it, but never heard back.
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    Yeah, you have to run a policy server on the machine you're trying to connect to. Flash cannot talk to another computer without permission. Who said flash is insecure? :P

    I did get this working on my macbook and my touchpad. It's slow, and unusable for me.

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