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    So I've been thinking, who makes a majority of the huge selling, highly addictive, portable games? Popcap.

    What are we missing on our brand spanking new tablets that the competition has? PopCaps games.

    Now that we have a huge install base, what should we do about it? Hammer them with forum, email, facebook and twitter requests of course

    Let's start the campaign and bring some PopCap goodness to our playground!

    Twitter!&p=310 - Post in this thread to let them really hear us!
    PopCap Games - Games/Toys - Seattle, WA | Facebook
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    There's a zombie on my lawn.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by pcdawg View Post
    There's a zombie on my lawn.....
    LOL. It'd be great if there was! Finished PvZ sooo many times on iPhone, pc and XBox360. Would love to finish it on TouchPad too.
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    yeah plants vs zombies would be cool. I think they also do bejeweled.
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    bejeweled and plants both work on the browser .. not great usability but they work
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    Come on guys, I know there's more than 5 of us who want to have access to these games on our favorite OS.

    The only way that's going to happen is to let them know "We are here!" Sorry, watched Horton Hears a Who with my daughter last night lol.
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    I'm in favor of getting their games but their forums are atrocious and apparently wouldn't let me post without allowing them access to my Facebook page.
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    Bejeweled. Please. I've been waiting for it since two years ago.
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    twitted :-P
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    Would Astraware be another candidate? They had a lot of PopCap games for PalmOS.
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    just posted! I would love to see pvz on touchpad!
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    keep em coming
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    Posted on the PopCap forum.
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    Just posted in their forum. I would like to see Zuma and Bejewelled on the Touchpad for my wife.
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    Isn't there anyone else who'd like to see "a zombie on their lawn"?
    Long live webOS!
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    People who want to sell things to the purchasers of approximately a million Touchpads?
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    Quote Originally Posted by deihmos View Post
    Who in their right mind is going to jump on a dead platform with an uncertain future?
    Anyone who figures the benefits outweigh the costs. If they decide there are enough users ( 800k so far), and the costs are minimal to port (supposedly other games were ported in days), then why not?

    My son plays PvZ now, on the touchpad, using the chrome url. Works great.

    I am sad about bejeweled - wasn't this originally a Palm game? Another example of a product/company that started with Palm as their first mobile platform back in the day (just like Docs to Go, Quick Office, Slingbox, etc.).
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    I vote for PvZ, Bejewelled and Bookworms and I would pay $1.99 for each for sure
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