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    I've been using Dolphin HD as my web browser on my Android phone and it's fantastic.

    I'd love to see it on the Touchpad and Pre.

    If you're interested in checking the browser out, go here

    the Contact Us link is here

    Dolphin actually came to Android first and has recently been released for IOS, so they seem to be willing to develop for other platforms.

    Lets make this happen people.
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    I checked it out, looks cool. Submitted request.
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    forget dolphin, lets get Firefox for tablets on this thing
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    dolphin's stable though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunnyman View Post
    dolphin's stable though.
    dolphin is nothing more than a skinned stock android browser... Don't expect anything useful for webOS
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    Sent a comment for Dolphin!

    I really have no desire to see a Firefox experiment, frankly, but would try it if they offered.
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    I use it for my Galaxy Tab7. The menu can be a little quirky but overall, it's fantastic. Cards are nice but for a browsing, tabs are the way to go.
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    Email sent.

    Dolphin HD is so superior to the Stock Browser on WebOS. Even the advanced browser does not allow the organization of bookmarks.

    People use pads for email, browsing and reading ebooks.

    WebOS is inferior on both reading of ebooks and a decent browser.

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    I just heard back from the dolphin folks. They have no current plans to port their browser to WebOS.

    Anyone hear from Opera?

    Not being able to organize favorites is driving me crazy.
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    E-mail sent...

    Best Regards...
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    I love dolphin, although I do prefer the mini version myself. But I'd be happy with either. Email sent also.
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    Sent an email. Hope they're interested.
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    I love Dolphin, I have used it for all my Android devices!! Sent request!!
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    Gunnyman, have you considered moving this thread to the App Request forum? More people will see it there and add their support.
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    <thread moved>
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    Quote Originally Posted by advocate2 View Post
    I just heard back from the dolphin folks. They have no current plans to port their browser to WebOS.

    Anyone hear from Opera?

    Not being able to organize favorites is driving me crazy.
    Everyone could quit sending them emails, those companies will never be interested in making WebOS applications not for palm pre devices or touchpads. I have made several contacts with other companies that create iOS applications(e.g Tango, Shazaam, frings and others), only it find out that due to HP fault of cancelling and dismantling WebOS. That whatever interest they had with this great platform, faded away entirely than cause them to stick with iOS for a lot longer.

    The companies who create these apps only care about devices popularity and market share, not that an operation system like WebOS is much better than an android or iOS. Its a sad truth, however it won't erase the fact than WebOS is just an prehistoric operating system(hanging by a thread) been run by a company of knuckle heads who still doesn't know that they ruined a perfect platform. So to put matters more clearly, Thank HP for messing a great operating system and also for not enticing developers to create applications for this platform.
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    we need something for the HP TouchPad
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    This is not totally fair of the company who created the Dolphin browser, of not creating a dolphin web browser for WebOS. There was news that the App World from Blackberry, got that desired web browsers that many want on their TouchPads. The Blackberry playbook got the launch of that app into their catalogs of apps, and while WebOS still stands fully abandon by all these developers. Why is WebOS not even getting no attention, at all ?

    While engadget did placed into detailed, that even though the app is a bit old in terms of the newest version of the "Dolphin Browsers" v7.5 which has voice search capabilities. However, the developers of that browser got into working into releasing it into the Blackberry platform. I was wondering something the same dedication that they had for blackberry, why can they still have it to develop for WebOS platform ? Release it for blackberry playbook device which there isn't many devices into people hands, I think there much more TouchPads users than the playbook tablet.

    Dolphin Browser arrives in BlackBerry App World, now with developer's permission -- Engadget
    Owner of an HP TouchPad (32GB) and a brand new Palm Pre 3 (16GB) for VZ wireless.
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