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    I just got my TouchPad and when I clicked on the Kindle App it seems to be going to the App store and the nthe screen is gray it says it isn't availabel in my country???? I have everything in my settings set to USA. Other people in my company have the same model Part#FB356UT#ABA which is one of their Smart Buy SKU's and have had no problem.

    I checked the APP catalog and it isn't in there and looking on Amazon and nothing there. Like I say the APP was already preinstalled but I get the error message "This application is not available in your country". Can anyone help with this?
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    same here
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    It disappeared from the Australian catalog a week ago, after I downloaded it. Maybe there is some issues with the app, so Amazon have pulled it.
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    Not available to me too? (new user)
    Maybe there's a georestriction and maybe there's a way around it?
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    i just got an update notice for Kindle so maybe try again

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