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    Anyone using Pinger's textfree? It's an app that assigns you a phone number and lets you send text through wifi. I use it on my iPod Touch and wanted to see if there was an easier way of using it on the Touchpad? Right now I can go threw the browser but the UI and usability is pretty bad, plus no notifications. They actually use an email system ( but I have no idea how to configure the imap settings.. Anyone got anything on this?
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    There are some alternatives, but I like the Google voice applications for free texting. There is Voogle for the phones and GV Text on the Touchpad. You can also use the google voice website without an app.
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    I wish they would bring text free over to the touchpad
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    How good is the GV text app? Do you get notifications etc? Ive had google voice since its inception and I know I can get emails as notifications but then I'd be getting emails to my phone to.. I guess it be pretty funny to have my Android with my personal number, the ipod with textfree and now the touchpad with google voice

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