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    what games do you want on the touchpad? We can all support another and get developers support the touchpad and port their games! Here's my list

    -plants vs zombies
    -age of zombies
    -words with friends
    -zombie farm
    -tiny tower
    -cartoon wars 1 and 2

    put the apps you want! I can't give links because it would take forever on the touchpad, so if anyone would like to help it would be appreciated. Lets show these developers the touchpad is great!
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    Fruit Ninja
    Words With Friends
    Pocket God
    Treo 300->Treo 600->Treo 650->Treo 700p-> Palm Pre-> Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch (32GB Launch-day Touchpad sustains my webOS need for now)
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    I second Plants vs Zombies and Words with Friends!
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    Scrabble is already on WebOS. It's designed for the Pre, but upscales it for the Touchpad. Is it not on the App Catalog? I had already purchased it previously.
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    I would Absolutely love plants vs zombies on the touchpad!
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    Wagic the Gathering would be fantastic!!
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    fruit ninja
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    PopCap Games - Help! - Ask a Customer Service Representative
    -Thank you for taking the time to send us your feedback. We appreciate it, and consider all comments and suggestions we receive. We will pass on your comments to the relevant department within PopCap Games.
    -Please continue to visit our website and let us know how we can make your experience more enjoyable.
    -Kind regards,
    PopCap Customer Support
    Halfbrick Contact Us

    Words With Friends Support
    Hello 007,
    -Thank you for contacting Zynga With Friends Customer Service, and thanks for playing!
    -This is Dolores and I am glad to have received your message today.
    -We appreciate all of our players' ideas and suggestions to make our games better. Your suggestion has been recorded in our system and flagged for the developers to discuss and review.
    -Thanks again for the information and for playing Zynga With Friends games!
    -Kind regards,
    Dolores L.

    Community-powered support for The Playforge

    NimbleBit: Apps for you to play.

    Prepare for the Storm - Thunder Game Works

    BLUE's Home: [C.W - Gunner] Support Infomation.

    Halfbrick :: Games - Fruit Ninja


    There you go, that wasn't so hard. 20 minutes or so out of my life.
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    Another 30 minutes out of my life. Requests submitted.
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    much appreciated sledge007!
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    I contacted a few of those links
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    -plants vs zombies
    -age of zombies
    -words with friends
    -zombie farm
    -tiny tower
    -cartoon wars 1 and 2

    Thanks Sledge007...Requested these games from your links!!
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    At your service! Only heard back from the one so far.
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    can we get a port of The Secret of Monkey Island?
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    Plant VS Zombies! Already purchased that for my computer and phone. would gladly pay for it on my touchpad. love that game!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ikirumata View Post
    can we get a port of The Secret of Monkey Island?
    Do you mean the recent remastered version or the classic? The latter should run perfectly on ScummVM HD. Check the forums for the latest beta version of ScummVM HD...haven't tested original Monkey Island, but Day of the Tentacle works great.
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    I'd love Fruit Ninja and one of my favorites, Critter Crunch.
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    I'd like Music Catch.
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    Wish LIMBO would get ported to work on WebOS. Seems like a perfect simple game for the TP.

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