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    Angry Birds, AB Rio, and Quell are crashing meaning they just stop as if i can swiped the card away. I have F15C eagle installed. Crashes happen at various clock speeds - 1.2, 1.5 and 1.8. Should i uninstal and go back to palm kernel and then try uber again? Or maybe start over with a visit to the doctor?
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    Angry Birds (both) have known crash bugs. Not sure about Quell, but it's a known issue and Birds dev is working on it.
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    I noticed yesterday when I went to 1.8Ghz on F15C, NFS became very choppy. I've uninstalled F15C, Govnah, went back to the Palm Kernel, and then loaded everything back up (at 1.7Ghz now). Just started to play again and it gets choppy from time to time...not sure what is going on.

    I rarely get crashes though, but it has happened.
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    I just took lunch and went to the library to use the wifi - uninstalled f15 and loaded f4. Played a little angry birds and no crashes. I'll see how f4 works.

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