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    Tap Tap Rockets HD is a lot of fun, and there's a lite version to try before buying.

    The concept is simple, tap a button to launch a rocket and try to hit asteroids coming towards you. But, invariably the rocket misses the asteroid by mere inches (or pixels in this case). Grrr.. So you line up another rocket, again it barely misses. You then have to wait for the next available rocket to circle around the planet to get another shot at the asteroid. This may sound frustrating, and for the first few games it can be. Over a couple of games you learn to time the rockets a little better, your score begins to climb from the single or low double digits to triple digit or higher. After learning to launch rockets a little better, you start noticing that you could be firing multiple rockets at the same time, and not have to wait for the next rocket to rotate completely around the planet. But, just when you start thinking you've got the blowing up asteroids with rockets thing down, out comes a UFO to distract you. Who can resist taking a few shots at the UFO, regardless of how close that asteroid is to you? Hitting one of the UFOs can help you; it can do things like explode all of the asteroids on the screen or maybe just freezing them. The UFO contains a letter that represents the effect of hitting it, kinda like something out of Sesame Street.

    The first complaint is that you have to tap on a button to launch the rockets. Why not just allow tapping on the entire screen? There were a few times I missed a shot because I tapped outside the button while watching the asteroids. Although, as I played more, this problem seem to go away. The final complaint is that there is no way to tell which rocket will become the next active rocket. This would help when you need to use a rocket that is closer to the incoming asteroids.

    This is definitely a fun and addictive game; and the complaints don't detract from the fun. The cliched statement "simple to play hard to master" fits perfectly.
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    We're pleased to see you've enjoyed the game Cdoty, and thank you very much for your very interesting and complete review! We've started to work on TTR2 so we do appreciate your usefull comments.

    If anyone has other feedbacks about the game, we would be pleased to read you.

    Thanks again Cdoty !

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