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    More TouchPad News: QuickOffice HD and Forthcoming System Updates
    by Anand Lal Shimpi on 8/30/2011 11:39:00 AM
    Posted in Tablet , HP , touchpad , webOS

    AnandTech - More TouchPad News: QuickOffice HD and Forthcoming System Updates

    If you're enjoying your $99 TouchPad, there continue to be new updates on the software side that keep the now-dead platform in the news. When the TouchPad launched it had the ability to open Word and Excel files via QuickOffice. Document creation and editing both weren't supported at the time. The QuickOffice developers indicated that a future version of the software would enable creation/editing support, but that was prior to HP's announcement to discontinue webOS hardware. Yesterday, via the HP App Catalog, QuickOffice saw an update that brought forward new features and performance improvements, including the ability to create and edit Word/Excel documents on the TouchPad. To get the new version simply update your existing copy of QuickOffice on the TouchPad.
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    have been using the free upgrade and can say that it's no bargain. one can create docx wp documents only -- which are incompatible with, say, openoffice. it is said they open in msoffice. there is no built-in ability to delete a file. it is, effectively, half an app. as a complete application, though, it is certainly the worst word processor ever and very possibly the worst application of any sort ever.
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    OpenOffice can open docx files. Dunno if it can save them... I use LibreOffice now (which can).
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    You delete docs by swiping them offscreen from the list. This same action works in many other contexts so hopefully you'll find this hint useful in your webOS endeavours.

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