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    same here, bought jayz book and just by opening it went completely white
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    I knew something was fishy... I failed to notice the update. Still no news from Kindle on a fix... :-(
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    Happens to me all of the time. 99% sure it's a resource issue. Flip any other cards away and reopen the Kindle app. It should be fine after that. I've never had to reboot in order to "fix" it.
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    I always get it if, while reading a book, I select the open book icon on the bottom right and select the table of contents option.
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    We need a few patches............Amazon.
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    This is by far the most unstable app on my TouchPad. Given the number of new TP owners, I'd think Amazon is turning away major bucks by not fixing this.
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    They have a Twitter page - will that help? Maybe if everyone will Tweet something....

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    I've never had this issue and always (out of habit) only have the Kindle app open when reading. I thought maybe it might be an indexing issue but the app doesn't appear to index the same as an actual Kindle - the nonsense word search just searches book titles not content. Contacting Amazon Kindle support (not just Amazon support) would be the way to go.
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    yes. this has happened to me too. one day all my books are there, the next.. nothing but a blank screen. no library or anything.

    only time i got it to work again was to delete the kindle app, re-download it and re-register. but that only worked for a day or two and now i am back to nothing but a blank, white page.
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    I think I only see this when I have the rotation lock enabled. Typically if I turn off rotate lock the white screen goes away.
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    in my case rotation lock was not used.
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    Add 4 georgia fonts ( from you PC or Laptop ) , use Quick Install ( send file , to the folder :
    usr/share/fonts )

    Restart , and Kindle work fine !
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    unusual how I only get white screen on my 16gb tp, but on my 32gb tp the kindle app works perfectly

    edit: after extensive testing and registering/de-registering accounts etc. i finally figured out that the issue was one of the books i downloaded.
    i have no idea why that particular book is causing the white screen but it happened every single time i opened it.
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