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    I have been trying to reed some of the free comics on ave comics but haven't been able to. Either I don't understand how it works or the app is not storing the comics I have tried to download.

    I selected the comic, a window pops up with some descriptions and two buttons that say free and preview. When I hit preview, another window pops up and et me see one page (btw its beautiful). When I hit free instead, that box disappears. When I go to my collection, I do not see the comics. The covers of the comics are stored under the picture app.

    I have deleted and reinstalled the app but nothing has changed. I have also searched this forum but found nothing. What am j missing?

    thanks in advance ;-)
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    well my post disappeared..I still have the same problem, I participate any help.
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    [strike]Same issues for me, I hope they get this worked out because a lot of the stuff they have looks awesome.[/strike]

    Edit: I got it working with the following steps...

    Sign up
    Check email
    Follow link
    Verify Sign up on the web site by retyping you info
    Run App from HP
    Select a free comic and hit he free button
    At this point it prompts you to put in your user info
    Submit, The comic should be in your library now
    Go to you library and click read...Now the comic will download

    now if I could just get it to remember my logon info.
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