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    I just upgrade Adobe Reader to 10.3.351 today. I have not been able to load a PDF all afternoon. Has this been happening to anyone else? Surely I'm not the only one!

    I did a search on google to find one recent entry regarding this - the suggestion was to reset the TouchPad. Other suggestions before I try that?

    I am running WebOS 3.0.2 if that sheds any additional light on the matter.
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    The solution of erasing apps and data worked! FYI.
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    Any solution ideas not so drastic?? I deleted it, thinking I'll reinstall it. Forgot the app cat doesn't work that way with the internal apps, so no adobe reader anymore..
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    happened to me with both quickoffice and reader, I doctored the device. Took about an hour or so to reinstall everything, but the TP is back up and running and everything works well now.
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    Send me a PM and I can email you a fix. I've confirmed it fixed my dads.
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    On a related note. My Adobe reader displays all the PDFs I've loaded on the touchpad just alphabetically and all together. What I mean is that instead of being able to look at the PDF titles in just one folder at a time, all the pdfs I have loaded display in one long list. It's all right if you don't have that many files loaded, but I would like to put a couple hundred pdfs and be able to choose viewing them only folder at a time.

    I've looked through options for settings, but I guess I'm just missing it. Any help would be great. Thanks!

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