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    OK guys - new here - please don't shoot me. I'm looking for - and am willing to pay monthly for "renting music". I have Napster - and tried it via the web - and it's pretty bad. Do any of these services have a WebOS app - that can be installed without "rooting", or developer mode??? No quite ready for that.

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    Ok developer mode is nothing compared to rooting. It's like enabling the developer tools in Office. A button that will do no harm. As a matter of fact, developer tools are being enabled from developers that create webOS applications in order to test them and the only thing they do is to enable you to install third-party applications. It's exactly like hitting that button on android that says Enable 3rd Party Applications to be installed

    Despite from that, spotify has an app for webOS. There was a thread about it a while ago.
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    I realize you're asking about those types, but I have a recommendation. Best option by far is Grooveshark, it works both in browser and they have a app(unfortunately not touchpad oriented). If you use it in browser then you don't have to worry about paying for the Grooveshark anywhere. I use the browser, put it in card view, then go on about my business.

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