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    I've always wondered why there hasn't been any official or unofficial app emulators so that Android users can get ipad apps and webos can get the best of the two other app markets. Seems like devs cannot cannot be expected to make versions for ipad and android and webos and blackberry and microsoft's thing while making regular updates to their own apps. Waiting for good apps to trickle down from Ipad then android and then to webos is like waiting for godot. Also no google apps. Really? No pdf book reader for 1000pg+ books. Really? No epocrates rx or allscripts remote. This is why I cannot wait for an android port.
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    Probably because its not that easy.
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    There is a pdf reader, it's called pReader. It does bookmarks, etc.
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    Emulator need pay royalty or something like that, so it isn't easy at all.

    IMO, why need emulator? Emulator never works as good as the real thing. Developers usually can have sdk & pdk to port their apps to any platform they want to sell their app. So it is not a matter of difficult or not , but they want or not. And I think there is cost for cross platform apps, so developers tend to make apps for most wanted platform on market, because they have more chances to get money from it.

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