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    For some reason Quick office doesn't show up as an update in the software manager. I have tried numerous times with a restart and clearing the cache, history and cookies doing a restart and then checking for updates with no avail. Oh and it doesn't seem to show up in the app catalog neither? Does anyone have any suggestions or know a way to force the TP to search for updates or maybe use webos quick install?

    Thanks very much

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    Are you running the latest version of webOS (3.0.2)? I wasn't able to see the QuickOffice and Acrobat updates until I was successful at updating the OS. Don't know if they are connected, but worth asking...
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    as far as I know I have updated to 3.0.2, it is what it says on device info
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    Check your Quickoffice version, it may have updated on it's own. We have 2 TouchPads and on mine I noticed that there was a notification telling me there was a update and on my wife's there was no notification. After updating mine I launched Software Manager on my wife's expecting it to tell me that there was an update, however there was nothing. I then check the Quickoffice version on both and they were the same (2.1.1905).
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    same issue. Not able to update. Have latest webos.
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    And if your quick office us still out of date, just click on the app in the HP store and it should update.if its still a no go the remove the app and reinstall.

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    well for me it doesn't show up in the app catalog and when I go to delete it, my TP says that it can't be deleted
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    if I used WebsQI to delete QuickOffice and then do something?

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