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    Hi all,
    I' m new here and just want to say that I'm loving WebOS and its development community.

    I would like to request an app similar to Groove IP for android, which uses google voice to make WiFi calls. This app is different from most others because it doesn't require sipgate or like services. It works with the option of sending calls to google chat instead of your phone.

    I hope someone will take this into consideration so that we can get even closer to using this device to its full potential.


    Yesterday, 08/30, I emailed the developers of Groove IP requesting a version of their app be made for WebOS, particularly the touchpad.
    Here is their response:

    We are porting to other OS's. *We were originally planning a WebOS port but due to the recent uncertainty about WebOS's future and the Touchpad being canceled I don't think the port will happen anytime soon. *We'll target other operating systems and revisit WebOS later."

    So, all hope is not lost but it looks as if the app will becoming later even though the touchpad is in the hands of thousands more people who would be willing to pay for an app such as this. =\

    Again, I hope that someone will take on this project.. Or maybe we can somehow convince the developers of Groove IP that WebOS is more than worthy of their attention and focus now, especially while it's hot.
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    +1 -- I would even pay (up to $5) for a working Google Voice app.
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    Id pay 20.
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    I'd pay $5.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gtkansan View Post
    Id pay 20.
    I'd love to have this on webOS too, but $20 is a little bit of a stretch to pay for it though...
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    I'd pay $5 & probably more with bugs worked out.
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    This would be the icing on the cake. A combination of Voogle (webos app) and GrooveIP (android app).
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    Oh yes!! I wud pay $5-7 for a Google voice app!
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    If it will (a) install on either the TP or a Pre (original), and (b) make calls and send texts using wifi, without a phone connection, that would be worth at least $10 to me if the app is basic, $20 if the app is polished.

    Add in the ability for the user to select from multiple GV accounts when sending a text or making a call, and it becomes worth at least $20 to me, more if the interface and features are clean and polished.
    - Bubba
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    original post was updated with response from developers of groove ip.
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    I just sent my own email referencing this thread and the money people are willing to pay, etc. I'd love to see GrooVe IP make it to us and hope they reconsider pushing it off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by detection View Post
    I just sent my own email referencing this thread and the money people are willing to pay, etc. I'd love to see GrooVe IP make it to us and hope they reconsider pushing it off.
    Way to go! Thanks!
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    I was thinking the same thing last night.. I already have google voice via my pre+, but that still dials through the regular phone service.
    I think.. I dont really use it, but I definitely would if there was a way to do it via wifi

    Edit: I would be willing to pay for it as well, price dependent on the features.
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    I hope to see Google releasing Google apps like Gmail, Google Plus, Voice etc.. someday.
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    free voice over WiFi would be great for this tablet and is very doable with google voice and gtalk. Hope someone picks this up!
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    yup, I've been using the BT connection with the phone and some skype and it works really great.

    A google voice integration into this mix would be pretty awesome. D@amn hp...
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    Is google doing anything for WebOS? Since Google is all over iOS and of course Android!
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    I'd pay up to 20 bucks for this app if it works on the pre and the touchpad.
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    Bumping to keep it alive! I hope GrooveIP comes to the touchpad too!
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    Have you guys seen GVoice in the app catalog? I haven't bought it but it looks like it may meet some of your requirements at least partially.
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