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    I have a bunch of books and text books in PDF format and it's impossible to read them with the native PDF reader. There is no search and no skip to pages. I have books 1000 pgs+ and there is no way I can scroll to where I need. The page number thing shows you the next 20 pages.
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    Yeah. I felt exactly the same way. What even bothers me more is the missing full zoom and the crappy re-rendering (if you zoom in the text will not re-render and therefore be unreadable). I already complained to Adobe through their website and Twitter, maybe more people should do this to show them the need for some tweaks...

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    Try converting the books in calibre to a .mobi format and then using pReader.
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    How do I convert the PDF books to .mobi or other formats to use with pReade
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    Quote Originally Posted by ledrag View Post
    How do I convert the PDF books to .mobi or other formats to use with pReade
    By reading the help files.
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    Honestly, if your book has special formatting (perhaps if you are like me and you have a book that has sample pieces of code) converting a PDF to mobi seems to be a headache. I'd imagine your book would have to be a simple novel or just straight text to easily convert from PDF to mobi (or PDF to any other format). Otherwise it's a pain in the *** to convert.
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    If that's the case use some other device to read them until someone comes up with a better solution, or get the knowledge and write an app yourself.
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    there is a skip to page, just touch the page number in the top right and menu should open

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