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    Just got a response from Chapura tech support that they had delivered the TP version of PocketMirror to HP on 8/22/11...perhaps it will show up in the App catalog soon? Since I've been unable to connect with my company's Exchange server natively (due to lack of security options in the TP) this seems like a good thing...
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    Also, Companion Link has said they are developing a version for the TouchPad too.
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    Awesome, thanks for posting that. Looking forward to the update. PocketMirror on the Pre has been critical.
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    It's here! Just installed and it syncs Contacts, Notes and Tasks.

    Calendar support is not here yet due to webOS 3.x limitation and requires an update by HP (as per Chapura's note within the app).

    It does require an updated PC SyncManager available on their website.
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    Does this do a full backup of apps and /media/internal too?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mize View Post
    Does this do a full backup of apps and /media/internal too?
    No, it's only for syncing Outlook info between webOS devices and your PC locally, without having to go through Google.
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    after release of webos 3.0.4 2 weeks ago:
    is there a working version to sync calendar to outlook?
    was anyone successful in syncing calendar?

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