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    I can confirm the following bugs still exist in 3.0.4. How did they at least not fix the first one since it's rather egregious and works on their phone webOS 2.x browser.

    Drop Down Search Box: You need only try the forum search at to see that once you click on search, it will reveal the drop-down "Search Forums" box only to disappear once you place your cursor in the box and try to type anything.

    Javascript + Links: If a link both activates a javascript and is an html link, it will choose the link over the javascript. For instance, go to and click on a link like Forums. It usually would show a drop down menu to select a sub-forum. But the webOS browser just jumps to the HTML link and never shows the javascript drop-down menu. It should activate the javascript on a single tap and take the link on a second tap.

    Downloading Images in PHP file: If an image is embedded in a php file, such as often the case for forum based attachments, the webOS browser fails to properly download it. An example of this is at ( The browser is properly displaying the image, so clearly it downloaded it temporarily and is in memory. It should therefore be able to easily save the image.

    Fixed Position Divs Don't Stay Fixed: when a css div is specified to have 'position: fixed' it does not stay put and continually moves around the screen trying to "catch up" to where it should be positioned. Often times it even gets cut off and is not entirely visible. An example of this is shown here (CSS: fixed menus).
    The one bug that seems to be fixed is

    Not Displaying Many Photos on a Single Page: If you go to a website with many individual photos on a single page (such as Breaking News and Opinion on The Huffington Post) the browser will fail to download many of the images. You can see a similar thing when visiting a friend's profile on Facebook who has several hundred photos. It seems to only download and display the first 20 - 40 thumbnails. I imagine it has something to do with the number of GET requests or a limited cache? Hitting refresh does not rectify the problem.
    But of course there still exists the following shortcomings. Coupled with the remaining bugs, the TouchPad browser still falls way short. Again, this is the ONE app that people will use on a tablet over 90% of the time, so it's critical that it work well. I'm more and more looking forward to a working CyanogenMod so I can have a good browsing experience on the TouchPad, and this coming from a long time webOS supporter and sympathizer.


    Saved Login Credentials (Passwords): Nearly all modern browsers (and not so modern browsers like IE6) support saving of passwords. I know Advanced Browser may support this, but this ought to be in the stock browser. Remember passwords and store them in an encrypted database.

    Searching Web Pages: Currently you cannot search the contents of a web page. This can be very helpful at times and is another feature of all modern web browsers. It's laughable that it's not included.

    Text Reflow/Font Resizing: This isn't as imperative on a tablet with its larger screen as it is on a cell phone. But when you zoom in on a portion of text, many web browsers will reflow the block of text to fit within the width of the screen (so as you zoom in and therefore the text size increases, it still fits on the screen). This removes the need to continually pan back and forth when reading a passage of text. This is similar to increasing the font size on your PC's web browser and it still rendering the page correctly.

    Bookmark Reordering/Organizing: At a minimum you should be able to reorder the bookmarks (much as the webOS phones allow you to do), and perhaps even better yet would be support for bookmark folders.

    Visual Scrollbar: A thin, translucent scrollbar that would only serve as a means to determine how large a page is and your relative location in the page would be nice. It should only be shown when scrolling and disappear when the page is not being scrolled.

    Plugin Support: I know this is a pipe-dream, but it'd be nice to have some sort of plugin support much like Firefox's extensions (this could allow such things as changing the user-agent, ad blocking, etc.)
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    I didn't think I would be one to do it but I have migrated over to CM7 because of the browser. I, like many, use the tablet mainly for email, calendar and web browsing and I just couldn't take it anywhere. Now with Dolphin HD my browsing is snappy and more importantly I don't have to jump through hoops for bookmark organization and my calendar has been replaced with Business Calendar which I prefer over the webOS calendar. I do miss the webOS email client but not enough to cripple my browsing experience. I have loved the Palm brand for so many years (4 generations of PDA's) but unfortunately find myself contributing to its demise because of something as simple as a browser...
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