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    Zinio is a digital magazine news stand available for computers, iPad and android tablets. Its a great app that allows you to subscribe to digital versions of magazines. They have pretty much every magazine and it was one of the main reasons I originally bought an iPad. Up to last month they had plans to come out with a version for webOS, I emailed them and now are saying they're evaluating the platform.
    We need to get this app on the touchpad! I have no doubt it will one of the top apps.
    please go to this page and request webOS support

    zinio user satisfaction survey
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    I left a message on twitter the other day and am going to your link now.
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    Thanks. Thats a good Idea!
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    Sent request
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    I've done my bit! Would love to get some high-quality magazines on the TouchPad.
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    @viper151 Yes. Coming uber soon.
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    wow that's great news!
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    Zinio have webos support stated against their UK tech magazines now and I have emailed back my contact to ask if it is released already.
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    There's already a different thread about this.
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    Dear 007,

    Thank you for contacting Zinio Customer Support.

    Thanks for your inquiry. We are currently looking into the our various options regarding future efforts with HP.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Kind regards,

    Andres Garcia
    Zinio Customer Support

    Case ID: ref:00D3Wk1f.5003GEAwM:ref
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