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    I'm searching around but I cant find any serious PIM application for the touchpad?

    I'm looking for something that will offer a calendar and tasks in one application and offer me a 'today' view with appointments, overdue and due that day tasks, and a 'notes' section to jot down random things I need to know that day.

    Something along these lines? (pocket informant from IOS)

    Any idea if there is one or if one is in development?
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    The stock Calendar lets you enter notes in events. There really isn't any other PIMs for the TouchPad. There is a patch called UberCalendar available that greatly enhances the calendar. It is in development & not complete yet but already quite functional. The thread for it is here:
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    I have the same app on my iPad.

    I found Outline Tracker on webOS that kinda mimics the Pocket Inf. It automatically updates the stock Calendar with anything you set a due date for, and since webOS multitasks, it's not an issue running the calendar at the same time. He does have a Trial app that lets you demo it to see if you like it.
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    The trial for Outline Tracker is great, but it's limited to 50 tasks. If you need more than that, the full version is quite pricey at $20. This is the biggest letdown of webOS since PalmOS had such a fantastic PIM.
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    We haven't seen a decent PIM replacement for Agendus in years... it was one reason that held me from moving to Android for so long (I was a Windows Mobile 6.5 user and Agendus was my favorite app).

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    Outline Tracker is a bit cheaper now--$9.75, and very handy. It works with Basecamp, and you can import outlines from a bunch of apps (Bonsai, Shadowplan, Brainforest, etc). I'd give the free version a try. If you rely on it heavily, the price is worth it, IMHO.

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