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    is there an app touchpad/phone that does texting...I know on iPad they have one called lime textplus or something...
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    to do SMS you need a phone connection. For the regular Wifi-only touchpad at this point it means you need to pair it with a Pre3 and relay SMS through it (this is automatic). Maybe at some point the Veer with get WebOS 2.2 and be able to do the same.

    If the 3G version of the Touchpad ever sees the light of day you could probably send SMS through that as well, otherwise I'm not sure how you could send (short of using an email gateway) /receive SMS, since it lacks the phone connectivity.
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    I believe you can use google voice. Its not great but gets the job done.
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    I don't have a webOS phone so I improvised...

    Currently I have my important contacts setup on AIM with their mobile numbers and are texting them through the Messages app.

    It works pretty slick, too. (though your contacts will see a number from like 265223)
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    google voice handles it well.

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