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    Ok so i got the kindle beta. Its great. I hear there is an update awesome, however now kindle has disappeared altogether from the app store in Australia.

    Even the beta is gone.

    Iv read that you can get around it by tricking your touchpad to think its in america but seriously this is ridiculous.

    I also know from other threads that its also gone from Canada.

    Is there a problem or is this something that amazon has done intentionally. And if so where can i make a complaint !!!
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    We can't even get the beta in the UK,its a joke
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    I can understand your frustrations guys. But Please just be patient as there must have been a reason why it was removed. Remember that it's only been a little over a week since the sudden BOOM of the TP so let's give HP/Palm (as well as Amazon) some time to sort things out.

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