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    I've updated Quickoffice and it's grand... except for one thing. Its files won't play nice with my Mac.
    Docs created on it (which are saved as .docx) will not open at all in Pages nor with OpenOffice 3.0. They will sort of show in TextEdit or Preview, but aren't usable.
    Docs that I send via email from Pages (in Word format, .doc) can be opened in Quickoffice and then edited; but when I send back they still can't open in Open Office, and when opened in Pages they open with an error message that some formatting can't be rendered. (the edited changes do show, however)

    It is useless to me to be able to create a doc on the TP if I can't later see it on the Mac... I've seen in the article's comments that it works fine on a PC... can anyone verify that they use it successfully on a Mac? (preferably NOT with MSOffice)
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    It doesn't play nice with Windows either ... I made some documents (2 columns) in Word 2010 and saved it in .docx and .doc and both of them have formatting issues (columns get mixed up and make no sense whatsoever). I haven't tried QO to Office 2010 ...

    I saved as a PDF and it worked fine, so the problem is clearly with Quickoffice ...

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