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    I see most people are talking about an update to quick office - Adobe reader has an update as well. Seems much quicker with large or image heavy files.
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    If you zoom a file, is it sharper than before or does it get blurry fast?
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    It is much faster. I have an 1170 page 22MB PDF of The Law of Success. Scrolling through to pages I hadn't viewed before would take several seconds to come into focus, now it's almost immediate. Still no search, bookmarking, or skipping ahead by entering page number (other than the scroll) that I can find.
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    still blurry. No better at re-rendering text on large image files.
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    What a bummer, you still can't zoom to 100%. Drat!
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    Needs bookmarks so bad, aside from that its very usable!
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    Zoom works fine on my docs, not blurry.
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    Where are you able to see that it has an update available?

    Edit: Nevermind! I found it.
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    i cant open any PDF files after this update. all i get is the "Please wait..." after opening a file for minutes and minutes

    any help?
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    Am I the only one who thinks that Adobe Reader is a joke on the Touchpad? The Touchpad is my first tablet, but one of the reasons to buy it was to be able to use it as a comfortable reading device. However, the flaws of Adobe Reader make it almost unusable to me. The biggest issues are the limited zoom and the missing (or horribly bad?!) re-rendering, when zoomed in. I tried to read a digital newspaper that I have subscribed to and I simply can't read the text on the pages when I zoom in. It's not a problem on the PC or the iPad, so its definitely a problem of the App.

    If you agree I'd be happy if you would contact Adobe as well. Maybe they'll care if more people complain.

    To contact Adobe you can simply visit this page:

    Make sure you refer to the Adobe Reader App for the Touchpad.

    Alternatively (or additionally ) you might want to write to Adobe on twitter as well. You can contact them through @Adobe or @Adobe_care.

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    how come I can't open adobe or quickoffice since the update?!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Courousant View Post
    how come I can't open adobe or quickoffice since the update?!
    I just updated both and they opened just fine after the updates. Try rebooting your TouchPad and see if you can open them then.

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