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    Both were available & downloaded for me.
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    Has anyone tried keyboard shortcuts for things such as bold, italics, center, etc.?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jkendrick View Post
    This update is by the Quickoffice folks, not HP. BTW, has anyone had trouble saving edited docs?
    No, I have no problem with saving a doc (
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    Of course there's no save as PDF feature.
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    Come on guys, this is a touchpad. If you want full editing etc, buy a PC/MAC.

    I think it's a good effort for what is basically a short term tool - I don't intend it to replace my PC, but for going into meetings etc, it works well.

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    I'd rather carry a tablet around than a notebook these days. And there's no reason why Quickoffice can't have full editing functionality though -- the iPad version of Quickoffice proves that.
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    Hopefully Picsel will come through in 45 days.
    Remember folks, QuickOffice was a freebie. My iPad didn't come with it.
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    Not real impressed with the performance so far.. But, happy to have it.

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    Give them some time guys. They at least got us document editing! They could have held off on it till it was 100% done, but they decided, we had been waiting long enough. I admit, there are some features that I would like to see that arent in there, but we need to be patient. Let them work.

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    Glad to see the update.
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    The 'word' editor is pretty snappy, when creating a new document at least. Some of my existing docs (created in Office on my Treo 800) either fail to open or show Word codes instead of formatting.

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    I've opened and edited Word and Excel docs via with no issues so far, is it fully functional, no, but I will happily take it over what I had before and also I am confident that more improvements are coming down from HP in the near future.
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    How do you insert a row in the spreadsheet edit? Or delete a row or column?
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    I think it's a step backward from what we could do on a Palm phone before they abandoned us.

    Cut, copy, and paste using the touch screen in Word is better than not being able to do it at all. I expected to be able to do it from the keyboard.

    At least they put it the menu for Excel.

    I wonder how much HP had to pay for this crippled software?
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    I deleted OuickOffice. How do I get it back now?

    Got it. Hard reboot restored it. I guess you can't delete this little gem.
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    Using bulleted/numbered lists in new documents screws up the document layout/margins. Too bad. Otherwise great update!! I don't really need much more functionality than this.
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    I just tested the update. I created a Word document on my Windows 7 PC with Office 2007. I sent it to my TouchPad. I then added to the original document using QuickOffice. Then I sent that modified document back to my Windows 7 PC. Office 2007 (Word) opened it with no problems.

    Then I created a new document on the TouchPad with QuickOffice and sent it to my Windows 7 PC. I then added to the original QuickOffice document using Word 2007 and saved it without problems!

    Works just fine (at least document creation and sharing using QuickOffice and MS Office)!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmyB7 View Post
    I deleted OuickOffice. How do I get it back now?
    I guess your last resort would be webOS doctor.
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    Being on webOS since Oct. 2009 you have no idea how releasing this feels...finally. Thank you.

    And I guess with more time more features will be added. And the other office suite is coming they better be quick or we'll spend the cash on them...

    Thank you. What a steal this tablet has become...

    If they have one or two million pieces of this device lying around it could really help the plattform...sell them all.
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    Nice! Now where are the reasonably priced touchstone and keyboard? Every Wal-Mart I go to wants full price still....
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