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    Lithium BenchMark provides a full set of tools to evaluate a webOS device speed. It’s available on every webOS device from webOS 1.4.5 to webOS 3.x

    Youtube DEMO :

    ENYO Version for webOS tablets :

    MOJO Version pour webOS Smartphones :

    To get the most accurate value :
    • Turn off wifi, 3G or bluetooth connection
    • Connect your device to the charger
    • Restart your device
    • Launch Lithium BenchMark
    • Press “Start Test”
    • Wait for the end of the test

    How to submit your performance index ?

    Press on “Submit”.. If you are using patchs or modified kernel, please add these informations.

    How to Share my device performance index on Twitter ?

    Press “Share on twitter” after test is finished. The status will be sent to the clipboard. Then, paste it in your favorite Twitter Client.

    To follow the latest Performance Index Tests on Twitter : Twitter

    Please consider a donation

    More info on my developer website :
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    can't seem to find this app using the search in the app catalog...

    I would love to try it though.
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    it's in the beta feeds. Just tap on the above to install
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    sweet! thanks!
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    lithium benchmark as been submitted to the official app catalog. It wilk be available for all in a few days
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    Probably stupid question, but how to I install the benchmark to my touchpad. I would like to try it out also but I am new to webos and I don't know the ins and outs. Thanks.
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    i see you got the ENYO version in the app catalog! Im running benchmarks of every kernel available at every speed supported except 1.9 GHz (not stable yet..). I'll add the info to my current thread with the nBench and webOSMark results

    Your app was used at the top. Very nice and made my goal ALOT easier. If you want the raw data to include on your index i have it in a spreadsheet
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    I'm confused by the "Before Starting" text appears when I install this. Specifically:

    Quote Originally Posted by LithiumBenchMarkBeforeStartingText
    To get the most accurate value:
    1. turn off wifi, 3G or bluetooth connection
    2. Connect your device to the charger
    Numbered for simplicity...

    #1 - Would Airplane Mode be accurate or does this need to be done by disabling 3G data in the phone app and disabling wifi/bluetooth?

    #2 - On my device (Pre Plus) the default Govnah settings ramp DOWN the speed on a charger - is this accurate for all devices or only the Touchpad? Also does it matter if this is USB or Touchstone for devices that need the charger connected during the test?

    EDIT - I realize this is in the touchpad forum and is a thread called Lithium BenchMark for TouchPad but the detailed info at the start of the thread indicates this is for all webOS devices and there is no a phone specific thread that I can find.
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    you may turn off wifi,3g, bluetooth to get an accurate value (if something is running in the background (email check) you'll get an higher performance index)

    you can run benchmark without charging

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    I'm getting better performance with 3.0.4

    touchpad palm kernel 3.0.2 : 140

    touchpad palm kernel 3.0.4 : 134

    what about you ?
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    stock 3.0.2 (minimal logging): 133

    stock 3.0.4 (minimal logging): 118

    This is the first message I'm typing with webOS 3.0.4, and l'm forced to turn off Auto-Correction. It's ridiculous. But overall, I'm happy with the numerous improvements. The touchscreen is much more responsive for drawing.

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